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Automatic tension controller

Automatic tension controller

Product Classification:Tension controller

Functional overview:

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TC - 02 is a kind of high precision digital tension controller. By receiving tension sensor transmit signals, after internal intelligence PID arithmetic processing the output signal, adjust the actuators, with the change of the tension control of optimum diameter size. Parking output with internal memory, start the value set, parking gain setting, dynamic output point setting, PID gain setting, change the volume setting, as well as setting a taper function, so that more simple and more precise tension control.
Functional features:
USES the high accuracy D/A converter, the output precision is as high as 0.1%, more precise tension control.
The magnetic powder can be directly driven, electromagnetic clutch/brake, also can control inverter, servo, etc.
Single or dual sensor can accept input signal, zero automatically, automatic calibration.
Human interface design, the operation is very convenient.
Multi-line LCD display, Chinese and English menu, programming is simple, convenient and simple.
There a password function, can avoid the wrong operation change setting parameters.
With a storage box, various parameters can be backed up.
Plastic shell, light and beautiful, has a strong function of preventing electromagnetic interference.
Wiring installation is convenient.

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