Shenzhen Guangxiang Machinery Co., Ltd. Our factory is engaged in the manufacture and sale on paper, film, textiles, films, such as the rubber industry machinery accessories, specializing in the production and maintenance, anilox roller, mirror roller gassing axis.
We in line with "quality first, reputation first, customer first" principle, the tenet of "continuous innovation", "strives for perfection" the management idea, wholeheartedly for the majority of users to provide quality services. Products fashionable, quality, reasonable price, inflatable shaft from the products sold throughout the country. Sincerely welcome new and old customers call your inquiries, patronage!
Main: anilox roll, mirror roll, gas rose axis, inflatable shaft, slat type steam up the shaft, key type vapor expansion shaft, tile type gas finale, expansion shaft, air bag, inflatable shaft gassing axis trachea, magnetic powder clutch, magnetic powder brake and magnetic powder brake and magnetic powder brake, electromagnetic clutch, electromagnetic brake, electromagnetic brake, TC - 01 tension controller, XC - I manual tension controller, Zhang Lijian extractor, flange type safety chuck chuck, shaft type safety, edge machine, rectifying device, rectifying device, etc., gassing axis and maintenance services.


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