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P05-E1-AM Automatic/manual type

P05-E1-AM Automatic/manual type

Product Classification:Gas oil pressure machine

Functional overview:

product details

Power: 380 v, 50 hz, the motor 1 HP
The most in the burden of 5000 kg, check out the accuracy of 0.005 mm
No-load speed of 25 mm/biggest sel (Ф 50)
Applicable to the receiving, feeding, middle correction
Car driving type according to the instance
Material longitudinal case summary: detector in a separated from feeding trolley, and the closest to the position of feeding trolley, the longitudinal material complete control of the sinusoidal will be checked out of position, and the original has been deviating from the direction of the material, through the hydraulic cylinder of the driver correction, impartial to you to set goals.


The middle axle repair formally
The material, a long walk in the middle before, during and after the processing action using this device, can avoid materials because of the distance is too long, deviating from the normal should be the direction of travel. Or no car guide is due to the original design of mechanical system, also can use above two devices, snaking of correct material, ensure material after the longitudinal, linear condition prior to the intermediate processing procedures, protect material after processing, the quality of and reduce the material loss caused by aking


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